smileWhen at all possible, Dr. Jon C. Bauman will work to save and restore your natural teeth. However, there may be times when the best or only solution is to extract a tooth. You can rest assured that extraction is a serious procedure that will only be recommended when it is the best option for your individual needs. Teeth might need to be extracted if they are damaged or decayed beyond what a root canal can fix, if the mouth is too crowded, or if the tooth has grown at too extreme of an angle to be corrected.

Our skilled dentist, Dr. Jon C. Bauman, takes extreme care during a tooth extraction surgery, and our dental team is dedicated to making sure you feel as comfortable as possible during your operation. After your operation, we will give you personalized post-op care instructions to make sure that your mouth heals properly.

Another common tooth extraction procedure is wisdom teeth removal. About 70% of adults have wisdom teeth that usually begin to grow during the teenage years. Often, wisdom teeth will need to be extracted if they become impacted, grow in at irregular angles, or cause too much crowding in your mouth.

If you need a tooth extraction in Brighton, Colorado, our friendly dental team at Riverdale Dental Center will strive to provide the highest level of comfort for your procedure. If you would like more information about extractions and wisdom teeth removal, we welcome you to call or visit our office.