root-canalIf your tooth has significant damage and decay, Dr. Jon C. Bauman might determine that you need root canal therapy. Once dental pulp becomes infected, the cells begin to die, which is a very painful process that can cause a severe toothache. Root canal therapy is a delicate procedure that removes infected dental pulp from within your tooth and cleans out all the decayed areas. Once the infection has been removed, the dentist fills the tooth with a medicated material that restores and strengthens the tooth and prevents further infection.

There is a common belief that a root canal is a very painful procedure. However, with modern dental techniques and technology, this is no longer the case. With the skill and care of our talented dentist, root canal therapy usually causes no more discomfort than a common filling. The root canal treatment also offers immediate relief of the toothache once the infected dental pulp has been removed.

In addition, root canal therapy can restore your ability to chew and apply pressure to that tooth. Root canal therapy can be necessary to save your teeth and protect you from needing expensive replacement teeth in the future. For more information about root canals in Brighton, Colorado, we welcome you to contact our friendly dental team at Riverdale Dental Center.