smileIn some instances, Dr. Jon C. Bauman will need to increase the amount of bone in a patient’s jaw in order to successfully complete a dental implant. Dr. Jon C. Bauman uses the latest science and technology to complete a bone graft in Brighton, Colorado. The need for a bone graft and the best options for surgery vary greatly from person to person, and Dr. Jon C. Bauman will work closely with you to determine which options are best for you.

There are two main options for a bone graft surgery, depending on the amount of bone that is being grafted. It may be possible to add a small amount of bone to your jaw at the same time your implants are placed. In many cases where more bone is needed, the bone is grafted several months before the implants are inserted. There are also several options for the type of graft that the dentist attaches to your jaw. The best results are usually when your own bone is used as the source. There are also freeze-dried human bone, processed animal bone, and mineral bone substitute options. We will work with you to determine which choice is best for your needs.

If you would like to discuss bone grafts at Riverdale Dental Center, we invite you to contact our office to talk with our knowledgeable dental staff. We are always happy to assist you!