crownDo you have a gummy smile, an uneven gum line, or teeth that look too short? Crown lengthening is a cosmetic surgery that can be performed on a single tooth or all of your teeth to expose more of your white smile and create an even gum line. Underneath your gums and bone, you may have teeth that are much longer than they appear.

Dr. Jon C. Bauman will help determine whether you are a good candidate for crown lengthening. He might also recommend that crown lengthening is necessary for successfully placing a crown or restoration so that it will fit and not irritate the gums. Crown lengthening can improve your periodontal health as well as provide you with a more attractive smile. After your crown lengthening procedure, you will be able to eat, speak, and smile with more confidence.

Our caring dentist and dental team will take good care to make sure that you are comfortable and relaxed throughout your procedure. After your surgery, you may experience sensitivity and soreness. We will go over all the steps you should take to help speed along the healing process. The area of your surgery will generally heal in approximately three months.

If you have excess gum tissue, crown lengthening can provide very significant and successful results. To learn more about crown lengthening in Brighton, Colorado, we encourage you to contact our office. We are eager to enhance your smile!