Super Smiles: Tooth Hazards

Are you aware of tooth hazard risks in your life that could be slowly damaging your smile? Because tooth hazards can often arise due to various day-to-day activities we are involved in, it is important to assess any habits or risk factors in your life that could be leading to dental damage. To minimize the… Read more »

Dental X-Ray Education: What is a Bitewing?

A bitewing X-ray is the most common type of dental X-ray and is named for the wing-shaped, plastic placeholder (or tab) that the patient bites down on while the camera is positioned and pressed up against the cheek. These winged tabs contain the film inside them while the X-ray machine takes the picture. Your dentist… Read more »

Your Smile Needs Extra Care as You Age

If our body needs extra care as we age, isn’t it ideal to see that our teeth and gums need extra attention as we age too? Throughout life, our body goes through a great deal, so with time, taking extra care of your smile is always helpful to help your teeth and gums last a… Read more »

Dental Tips for Athletes

If you’re an athlete, then you need to care for your smile while you practice and play, no matter which sport you participate in. This is very important because if you’re not careful, there is a chance you can suffer dental problems and even dental emergencies. So, to help you care for your smile while… Read more »

A Compromised Tooth with an Existing Dental Filling Might Need a Dental Crown Restoration

A dental filling relies on healthy surrounding tooth enamel to help secure it in place. If a tooth with an existing dental filling that suffers a chip, fracture, or newly developing cavity might not have sufficient dental structure to treat it with a second dental filling. In a case like this might recommend a dental… Read more »

Are You Treating a Cavity? Here’s What You Should Ask Your Dentist

If you’re about to treat a cavity, then you’re on your way toward the strong, healthy, and functional tooth/teeth you need. Unfortunately, many people feel nervous at the dental office, especially when they need a treatment. If you’re one of these people, our dental team encourages you to ask your dentist, Dr. , questions. The… Read more »

Cavity Care 101

A “cavity” is the hole that forms when your tooth enamel has been extensively damaged, exposing the inner parts of the tooth. If not taken care of, cavities can cause pain, infection,  or even tooth loss. If you have a cavity, it’s time to assess your dental health care habits. It is possible that the… Read more »

The Answers to Your Fluoride Questions

If you don’t know much about fluoride, just the thought of fluoride toothpaste or a fluoride treatment could raise questions. Fluoride isn’t as complex as you might think, and the more you know about it, the better. That way you can let it properly help you and your smile. So, if you have questions about… Read more »

Aesthetic Imperfections on a Tooth That Appears in Your Smile Might Be Addressed with a Composite Dental Filling

Your smile’s appearance plays a significant role in many of your facial expressions, and can also affect your self-esteem. This could come in the form of a small chip, minor dental fracture, developing a cavity, or an area of dental attrition. In some of these cases, Dr. might be able to repair the compromised area… Read more »

Dental Crowns and a New You

Are you looking for a way to revamp your smile? If you have struggled with your oral health care recently, allow our dentists at to help you. We specialize in many forms of cosmetic dentistry. One form is placing dental crowns, which are porcelain shells which are placed over your natural teeth. Here are a… Read more »