A Knocked-Out Tooth Often Requires Urgent Care

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Each one of your teeth is held in its socket by a series of strong periodontal ligaments. Unfortunately, there are extreme situations where and an incident like a hard fall, or blow to the face can sever these ligaments and effectively knock the tooth out of the socket.

A case like this requires urgent first aid and treatment. To that end, Dr. Jon C. Bauman offers these important care tips.

If the tooth was fractured, damaged or there is some of it remains in the socket, Dr. Jon C. Bauman will likely need to perform a root canal to restore the structure to the tooth. In an extreme case, he might need to extract the remnants of the tooth from the gums. When everything has healed, he can help you choose the dental restoration method that is right for you.

If the tooth was knocked out of the socket cleanly, you can keep it alive by holding it between your cheek and gums. Some stores also sell a tooth preservation product in their pharmacy section. This is a canister filled with a specially formulated nourishing gel. You simply place the knocked out tooth in the jar and seal it. The tooth should stay alive long enough for Dr. Jon C. Bauman to assess and treat the problem.

If you would like further tips on how to handle common oral emergencies, you can always call Dr. Jon C. Bauman’s office in Brighton, Colorado at 303.659.1920 for further advice